Where and When to Add Tinting to Your Home's Windows

Posted on: 9 October 2017

When you think of window tinting, you may only think of your car's windows; it may never occur to you that your home's windows can be tinted as well! There are many benefits to having residential windows tinted, either for the entire home or just for certain windows in certain rooms. Note a few of those benefits here and why you might add such tinting to your home's windows, and then you can decide if they're the solution you need for your home.


Babies can be especially sensitive to sunlight on their skin, and the movement of the sun might disrupt their sleep or otherwise distract them so that they can't nap during the day or sleep at night. However, window treatments like drapes or blinds aren't always a good solution in a nursery, as crawling babies can easily reach for them and pull them off the windows or hurt themselves. Window tinting will block sunlight and noise, making a more peaceful atmosphere in the nursery.


In the sunroom, you may not want to install window treatments that block the view to the home's exterior, but most sunrooms are made with lots of windows that can let in too much sunlight for your comfort. Window tinting is a good solution; it blocks some sunlight and keeps the sunroom cooler, but won't interfere with your view.

Home office

In your home office, sunlight coming through the windows can cause a glare on computer screens or smart phones; trying to squint and strain your eyes against this glare can result in headaches and be very annoying! However, you may not want to add window treatments that block the view, as you can then feel very closed-in all day. Natural light in the office can also make the space seem more welcoming. Window tinting can protect your view of your computer or smart phone, while also protecting your view of the home's exterior.


The baby may not be the only one whose sleep is interrupted by outside light and noise; window tinting in the master bedroom can mean more protection against glare from streetlights and passing cars, and it can also mean not being awakened as soon as the sun comes up. Certain window films can also provide noise insulation, which is a good choice if the bedroom faces a noisy street. With window tinting, you don't need to worry about adjusting the curtains or blinds, and you don't need to worry about buying new window treatments every time you change the bed linens.


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