• 4 Ways to Incorporate Glass in Your New Bathroom

    Planning for a beautiful bathroom is an essential part of organising a new home. One way to produce an attractive, sleek look in this important room is to creatively incorporate glass into the design. This can be done by several means. Glass Shower Screens By not blocking off a section of the bathroom from view, glass shower screens have the effect of extending the bathroom area. They allow the eye to roam to all corners.
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  • Top Mining Technologies for Startups to Explore in 2019

    Notably, mining companies can improve the chances of success by partnering with research centres or by adopting new technological advancements early. This article highlights some of the latest technologies that startup mining companies should explore in 2019 to gain a competitive edge. Autonomous Mineral Transport  If your operations are based in remote mining locations such as North Western Australia, then transportation of minerals to processing ports can be a challenge. Furthermore, finding staffs that are willing to work in such harsh environments is difficult, which can affect the company's productivity significantly.
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