5 Benefits of Having a Carport Installed in your Home

Posted on: 25 October 2017

If the safest place to pack your car is your backyard, you may want to consider installing a carport. Having this structure put up in your house is a valuable addition to the home and could be the best thing that ever happened to your car. Here are some of the benefits associated with installing a carport.

Protection from Harsh Weather

You must know that harsh weather conditions can take a toll on your automobile. However, most people are complacent thinking that since the car and its accessories have been built to withstand harsh weather, it is no big deal. You may not see the damage in a day or two. It is the consistent exposure to hard rainfall, burning sun rays, snowfall that gradually damages your car. For instance, did you know that high temperatures can be damaging to the battery? Not only that, but heat can also be damaging to your vehicle's tires and also stress the car fluids.  Regular ice cover has detrimental effects on the battery and can also affect the spark plug reliability. And that mirror finish on your car will not be very pristine after several months of basking in the sun's hot rays.

Adds Value to Your Home

A carport acts as an extension of your house. Apart from being your car's parking space, it can also double as a place to relax during warm weather. You can host parties, set up barbeques or even convert it into a dining place. When you decide to leave for a new house, your house can fetch a higher price due to the carport. 

Easy to Install

Compared to a garage which is like an extra room in your house, a carport is simpler to construct. In fact, it is more like a DIY idea. There is no expertise required to install a carport as most of them come in ready to go kits. You only need the ability to follow instructions and lift things around.


You may be inclined to imagine that since carports have multiple uses, they must be expensive. On the contrary, they are reasonably cheap. The cost is contingent on the size and the material you choose.


Don't let the lack of a garage hinder you from renting a lovely house you've come across. Carports are portable which means you can leave with them at your convenience. While you would need the landlord's permission to build a garage, carports are temporary.

How many times have you found your car covered in bird poop? Having a carport installed in your home is a lovely addition and will put a smile on your face.


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