3 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Selecting a Marina Builder

Posted on: 6 November 2017

Constructing a marina is a capital-intensive project and you should always use the right contractors. It is also very delicate since the structure is in water and this requires specialized equipment and materials. Any mistakes during the construction process can be costly to rectify in future. As such, precautions need to be taken to ensure that the right contractor is chosen for the project. Below are several guidelines that you should consider when selecting a marina builder:

Not visiting some of their projects

It is necessary to assess the competence of a marina builder before signing an agreement with them. You should not only rely on testimonials and pictures on the internet. You can make arrangements with them to visit some of their current projects to evaluate their work. This will help you to determine if they can also deliver your particular marina project. Take time to check their regulatory licences and the safety measures adopted at ongoing sites. Based on this visit, you will be able to make an informed decision regarding whether to contract the services of the marina builder.

Proceeding with the design phase without consulting environmental experts

All marina projects should have an environmental impact report. This is because the construction can have a negative impact on the marine life. Selecting a contractor before undertaking an environmental assessment can be a waste of resources since the authorities might not approve the project. An ideal approach is to get an environmental expert to work together with the architect when developing the plan of the building. Once this phase is completed, choosing a contractor will be much easier.

Not giving a time allowance for unexpected incidences

Each project has its expected completion date. However, there are unforeseen incidences that arise that can affect the rate of construction. Some of these include the change in the weather patterns, a breakdown of equipment or injuries at the site. Experienced marina builders are aware of this and will inform you that some delays are expected when undertaking the project. It is only inexperienced contractors who will agree to your demands, and they might take shortcuts when they encounter problems that might delay the project. This is very expensive in the long term since repairs may be required after a short time.

When constructing a marina, never go for the cheaper option since your structure might not last. It is better to build a smaller structure that is stable than a large marina that has structural defects.


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