Unique Materials and Designs for Kitchen Surfaces

Posted on: 13 November 2017

When it comes to kitchen surfaces in your home, meaning the flooring, benchtops, and splashback, you don't need to settle for anything bland and dull, or anything that looks exactly like what the neighbours have in their home's kitchen! There are many options you have available for kitchen surfaces that are both stylish and functional, and which can set your kitchen apart from all the others on the block. Note a few of those unique materials here, and then discuss these options with a contractor when you're ready to remodel your home's kitchen.


A concrete floor in the kitchen is very durable, and can easily be painted any colour. You can even have a unique design painted on a concrete floor, such as a long stripe down the centre of the kitchen, or a flowered border around the kitchen's island!

For a retro look, opt for classic linoleum tile. You might find mid-century tiles in a modernized style; these may have a touch of the same look that was in your childhood home, but with updated colours and patterns. Look for turquoise, peach, or apple green colours, and diamonds or starbursts in the designs, for a very fun look.


End-grain butcher-block benchtops combine the traditional style of wood with a more modern shape and style. End-grain butcher-block refers to literal blocks of wood, rather than long slats, that are placed on their end, so the cut grain is displayed. This will add lots of colour and pattern to the benchtops, without making them look overly busy.

Solid glass benchtops are durable and strong, but are also very unique, as glass can be dyed any colour and shade. You can add style to your kitchen with a deep blue glass benchtop, or with a bold candy apple red glass colour. Etched glass can also resemble running water, for added texture and visual interest in the kitchen.


Forego dull tile for your kitchen's splashback and try something fun. Sheets of river rock, which are smooth and flat, can be installed like tile, and they add a very natural look to the kitchen. Copper sheeting also adds colour and texture, although it can be expensive. Glass is a great choice for a splashback; as said, glass can be dyed any colour, so you can have a nice separation between the splashback and the cabinets with a soft blue or pink colour. You might also try something in a bold yellow, to make the kitchen brighter and sunnier!


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