What to Know When Hiring a Hardfill Bin for Your Home Renovation Project

Posted on: 14 November 2017

When you are planning a home renovation that will involve knocking down some walls, breaking down flooring and installing new structures, you may want to think about how to dispose of the waste. The kind of garbage that's generated in such a remodeling project cannot be dumped in the general waste bin that you use for the rest of the household waste. You will need to hire a hardfill bin. This is the kind of bin that is used to dispose of items such as cement, concrete, bricks, clay and timber. However, before you hire it from a skip company, it is worth knowing the following things to ensure that you get the most out of the process.

You shouldn't overfill the bin

Hardfill bins are designed to accommodate bulky construction waste; therefore, they do not typically have weight limits. However, they do have restrictions regarding the amount of waste that you can put in them. Ideally, you are not allowed to fill the bin beyond the brim. This makes it hard for the collectors to transport the bin to the landfill safely. Also, you can end up incurring extra costs for filling beyond the brim. If you have waste like long pieces of timber, you should break them down into pieces that will comfortably fit the hardfill bin. Also, you should ensure that you get a bin that's slightly larger than what you need to accommodate any unforeseen waste.

Don't dispose of household waste

As aforementioned, a hardfill bin is different from your general trash bin which is used for domestic waste. Do not dump household waste in the hardfill bin or vice-versa. If the collectors find domestic waste in the bin, you may end up paying much more for it. Hardfill waste is usually not charged by weight as it can be made up of heavy materials such as concrete. So, when you add in general waste in your bin, they may re-categorize the waste and charge it by weight. When this happens, you will incur much more for hiring the bin. To be on the safe side, separate your renovation waste from the household waste and educate everyone who will be use the bins on how to dispose of waste correctly.

Place the bin conveniently

Most hardfill bins are quite bulky; therefore, it can be hard to move them once they are full. In most instances, the bin hire company will place the bin at a location where they can safely pick it up without causing damage to your fence or property. If possible, try not to move the bin from where it is placed to ensure convenient pickup. You can utilize other equipment like a bin bag or wheelbarrow to carry the waste to the bin.

Contact your skip bin hire company if you have any questions about hiring a hardfill bin for your renovation project.


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