Why You Should Consider 3-D Laser Scanning for Your Next Major Project

Posted on: 20 November 2017

The fields of architectural design, surveying and property construction have all benefited from new and exciting technologies over the last several years. If you are considering a major building project, you may be wondering how some of these technologies can help the experts involved in your team to come up with some better solutions. At the top of the list of innovations is surely the new 3-D laser scanning development that can truly help in projecting whether any building is feasible and what it will look like upon completion. What should you know about this exciting trend?

What's Involved in Laser Scanning?

This type of technology enables lifelike images of an available piece of land to be created that show how an existing building would fit in and further enables designers to calculate dimensions, materials and costs.

Special scanners capture three-dimensional images in real time and can be used before any project gets under way, or during work if some unforeseen problems are encountered. For example, if there was an unexpected issue with a particular section of land which would otherwise have presented a problem to conventional designers, this technology can be pressed into service to come up with a variety of solutions in order to find a fix.

An architect, in particular, can use 3-D laser scans to project what a building would look like on any landscape and once signed off by the principal can then provide the exact specifications to builders and suppliers.

Technology at Work

Once the technology has been used it can be transferred to a remote computer and can be used subsequently during office-based strategy meetings without the need to visit the site again. This means that the experts spend a lot less time in the field, while gathering very high quality data. They can get a much clearer understanding of the project and this in turn can be translated into lower costs.

It's always beneficial to gather as much data as possible during any project in order to lower the scale of risk associated with any complex construction. The technology will also reduce the need for any changes or reworks in the middle of the operation and the accuracy of the data can be completely trusted after just one visit.

Putting It to Work for You

Have a word with your surveyors and architects to see if 3-D laser scanning technology can streamline the work ahead of you and deliver the project more efficiently and cost-effectively.


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