How to Build a Simple Timber Island for Your Kitchen

Posted on: 21 November 2017

Is your kitchen too large? An island can help break up the space. Do you want a bar where people can sit and watch you cook? Then an island is also the answer. Do you want extra countertop space for food prep? Again, you may want to consider an island.

Building your own island out of some new timber or even some repurposed old wood may be easier than you think. Check out these ideas.

1. Go for a Basic Frame

Even without a lot of building skills, you can easily turn some timber planks into a basic kitchen island. For a really simply design, get four posts for the four corners of your island. Arrange the posts so that the island is a rectangular shape. Then, place two short planks between the posts that are on the short ends of your rectangle. These planks should be near the floor.

On the top of the island, use four planks to hold all four posts together, and add a work surface to the top of the island. Just use planks as the work surface. To finish the work surface, sand it down and add a layer of waterproof varnish or sealant. Finally, on the bottom of the island, set one or two planks on top of those short planks so that you have a shelf that runs the width of the island.

2. Consider Using a Chest of Drawers

If the above design is too complicated for you, consider using a chest of drawers as the basic frame of your island. This is ideal if you want drawers for storage. You basically set the chest of drawers in the middle of your kitchen. Then put planks on top of the chest of drawers to act as your worktop surface. Again, sand and seal those planks so they are ready to use.

3. Add Embellishments

Once you have the basic kitchen island done, you may want to add some embellishments. You can add hooks or towel racks for kitchen towels. You may even want to add a mini rack for pots and pans to the underside of the work surface so you can hang pots and pans there. Finally, consider adding some caster wheels so that the island is mobile.

Now, your timber island is done. You just need to add some barstools around it, and you are ready to enjoy your new timber island. For more information, contact a business Hayter's Timber & Paving.


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