Reasons to Utilise PVC Pipes for Your Construction Plumbing Supplies

Posted on: 27 November 2017

Galvanised iron piping has been the staple material used for plumbing supplies for aeons. This material offered a robust and cost-effective solution, making it a favourite option. However, as times change and technological advancements are made, construction contractors have steadily started gravitating toward PVC pipes as a more suitable option when installing new plumbing. If you are unaware of why this material keeps growing in popularity, you should read the following reasons why you should utilise PVC pipes as part of your construction plumbing supplies

PVC pipes are immune to corrosion

Undoubtedly, the most prominent reason why PVC pipes would be advantageous to your plumbing system is their innate immunity to corrosion. Although piping made from iron is galvanised before installation, the coating does deteriorate with time. The consequences of this are twofold.

For starters, flecks of rust start to seep into your water supply, and this can considerably decrease the quality of your water. Secondly, as the corrosion becomes exacerbated, the pipe is more likely to develop other problems such as leaks and eventually bursting! Thus, not only would you have to look into plumbing replacement in the future, but you may also have to seek water damage repairs too. PVC will not develop exterior nor interior corrosion, so they will stay in optimum working condition for much longer than their iron counterparts will.

PVC pipes are resistant to chemical degradation

Another reason why PVC would be the solution for your plumbing when constructing a new home is the material's inherent resistance against chemical degradation. One thing some homeowners may be unaware of when it comes to drain-cleaning and maintenance is that they could be slowly decreasing the lifespan of their piping due to the disinfectants and cleaning agents that they use.

Industrial strength cleaners and caustic agents have a penchant for gradually eroding the surface of iron pipes. As the surface becomes eroded, the iron piping is then increasingly vulnerable to rusting. PVC piping, on the other hand, is resistant to a wide range of chemical agents. From highly acidic solutions, alkaline compounds, fluorides, brine, alcohols and even aliphatic hydrocarbons, your PVC pipes will not be compromised.

PVC pipes are less prone to clogs

A surprising benefit of PVC pipes is they are less likely to be afflicted with clogs and blockages as compared to iron piping. The interior of the PVC pies is exceptionally slick. Thus, movement of waste materials through your plumbing should be incredibly smooth and fast. This ease of movement is not the same with iron since as this material ages, the interior becomes even rougher, making it easy for debris to catch on the surface and become trapped inside your plumbing.


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