Residential Glazing: Should You Install Window Films on Your Glass Panes?

Posted on: 28 November 2017

Glass window panes are beneficial in the residential environment. These units allow the continued flow of natural light, promoting a comfortable and beautiful ambience in the interior space. Also, this aspect reduces the use of artificial lighting. Additionally, window glazing in the home provides an unobstructed view of the outdoors. Unfortunately, glass panes are delicate, thin and prone to breakage, making the house vulnerable. Therefore, you should think about installing window security films. Here are the potential advantages of using window films in your home.

Glass Reinforcement

Numerous burglars and robbers attack the home by smashing the glass in doors and windows. If you are concerned about this occurrence on your property, you can install a window film to reinforce the glazing. In simple terms, the protective layers are made from a tough plastic material which is resistant to mechanical impact. When an intruder attempts to break the glass, the film will provide an extra layer of protection, deterring their efforts. The window will withstand considerable force before breakage and at the very least, delay the burglar. Also, glass reinforcement is valuable for protecting your home against adverse weather. 

Shard Protection

When a pane breaks under stress or impact, the glass will shatter into numerous shards. These pieces are often sharp and dangerous. If one steps on the debris, they could sustain serious injury. Therefore, it is essential to take precautions against this safety problem in your home, especially if you have children and pets in the space. If you install the window film, you will provide a membrane to which the glass can cling after shattering. The film will hold the shards, preventing the creation of a mess and subsequent injury. You should note that specialised security glass such as laminated and toughened glass will also minimise this hazard. However, the film solution allows for retrofitting your old panes.

Heat Reflection

Finally, you should note that the film is essential for providing heat refection. Numerous homes experience internal increases of heat due to the lightness of their glass panes. The glazing allows the solar energy to flow in and as a result, the cooling bills increase. If you have this problem in your home, you should consider installing the film to aid in minimising heat gain. The layer will reduce heat absorption and ensure that your energy bills are controlled. You can also choose clear or tinted window films to match your preferences.


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