What to Splurge on When Building Your Home

Posted on: 1 December 2017

When you finally get the opportunity to build your own home, you may be itching to splurge on construction supplies and décor items that will best depict your innate style. However, you will be quick to realise that building materials can be costly and if you do not stick to your budget, you will break the bank with your home construction. Nevertheless, this does not mean having to skimp on everything. This article will expound on areas that you should splurge on to prevent unnecessary repairs and replacement in future.


Undeniably, the floor will be the area of your home that is exposed to the most use. Therefore, if you would like to avid floor replacement after every few years, you would be better off splurging on premium materials that will be able of withstanding this heavy foot traffic. Flooring in commonly used areas, such as living rooms, the kitchen and more, should be constructed with high-quality materials that would offer longevity and durability.

Consider flooring supplies such as travertine, polished concrete or even hardwood. Take note of the maintenance of the flooring supplies too, like rooms that are prone to spills, for instance the kitchen, would be best suited to materials that are simple to clean.


No matter how much square footage your home has, storage remains one of the most significant concerns that homeowners have to contend with. In fact, the longer at you reside in that house, the more stuff you accumulate and consequently the more storage that you require. When it comes to storage, make sure that every room has this sufficiently built into it. Bathrooms and bedrooms, in particular, need adequate storage space so that the room does not appear to be cluttered because items do not have an appropriate place to be put into.

Another thing to note about storage is that you may want to customise it your needs as best as you can. For example, if you are an avid cook, custom cabinetry with interior storage compartments would make it much easier for you to keep your spices, herbs and more.


Another room that is bound to succumb to wear if not fitted with quality building supplies is the bathroom. The heavy usage coupled with the wet and humid conditions can wreak havoc to both the cosmetic appeal and functionality of your bathroom. As a rule of thumb, never skimp on waterproofing. Instead of having waterproofing membranes installed under the bath and shower, opt to make the entire room waterproof to minimise the risk of mould and water damage.

For more help designing your dream home, speak with home builders in your area.


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