How to Protect Your Timber Wall Frames From Termites

Posted on: 4 January 2018

Timber wall frames are one of the most popular options for homes, but if you live in an area with a lot of termites, you may be wondering how to ensure that you keep termites out of your wall frames. Ideally, you need to take a multi-pronged approach. Take a look at these tips.

Store Wood Carefully Before Building

Whilst you are getting ready to build your home, make sure that you store the wood carefully. Ideally, you should not store it directly on the ground because that makes it too easy for the termites to access. If possible, store the wood inside a shed or garage, but if that's not possible, you should cover the wood with a tarp to keep it dry. Moisture makes the wood easier for termites to compromise.

Use Treated Wood

Even though the timber wall frames are going to be used on the interior of your home, you should still use treated wood. In particular, make sure that the wood has been treated with an insecticide. Although that doesn't conclusively keep termites out, it can help a lot.

Put in a Concrete Foundation

Ideally, you should never build directly on the ground. That also makes it too easy for termites to reach the wood. Instead, you should always put in a concrete or stone foundation first. Then, add your timber wall frames. If you are designing a house on stumps, consider using steel or metal stumps rather than wood. Unfortunately, although wood stumps are traditional, they don't provide adequate protection against termites.

Eliminate Termite Bridges

Ensuring that the timber wall frames don't touch the floor is just the first step. You also need to ensure that there are no "bridges" from the ground to the walls for termites to use. Bridges refer to things such as bushes or tree branches that make it easier for termites to get into your walls and eat your timber wall frames.

Know the Signs of Termite Damage

Sadly, in some cases, even if you take all the possible precautions, termites may still get into your timber wall frames. To reduce the impact of the damage, make sure you know the signs of damage. In particular, if you see small piles of sawdust accumulating near the base of your walls, that can be a sign of termites. Contact someone as soon as possible to get them out of your walls.

To get more tips on how to protect your timber wall frames from all types of damage, contact a timber expert today.


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