What to Look out for When Choosing a Skylight Window Manufacturer

Posted on: 26 June 2018

Skylight windows have become a common feature in most Australian homes today. With the benefits of installing a skylight ranging from cutting down of electricity costs to improving air quality, it is clear to understand why the windows have become a darling for many Australian homeowners. However, as is common in any free market, high demand for skylight windows means stiff competition among manufacturers. While this is a blessing to contractors, choosing and settling on one manufacturer can be a challenge.

As an emerging contractor, this article will lighten the work for you. Read on to understand what to look out for when choosing a skylight window manufacturer.

Patented Innovation 

Skylight windows have different features such as the opening and closing mechanism, resistance to external elements, and sensory abilities. The attributes usually form the basis of marketing for different skylight window manufacturers. As such, you should look to choose a manufacturer that has patented the technology of its skylight window operation mechanism. It is what separates a serious manufacturer from the rest of the competition. By licensing skylight window technology, a manufacturer communicates the message that they have taken their time to design and test their product. As a new contractor, you will be assured of getting the best product that will fulfil your client's needs.


Who does not love to accessorise their skylight windows? Well, not everyone does, of course, but since you expect different clientele, it is advisable to work with a manufacturer that produces different accessories for their skylights. For instance, kids love movie heroes, both animated and real-life. If a client has transformed the attic to their child's reading area, then they would not mind installing a blackout blind featuring animated heroes for the skylight window. Additionally, the blinders will provide total privacy for your client's kids while maintaining a fun environment. Therefore, instead of buying accessories from the store, you can help out your clients by choosing a manufacturer that provides them at a fraction of the cost.

Easy Installation 

Your choice of skylight window manufacturer will also determine the ease of installation. Ideally, homeowners want a window that will not take hours to install. For example, if a skylight window needs to be fixed on a roof sarking board and not on rafters, then you have to approach different manufacturers to satisfy all your clients. You can eliminate the hustle by working with one manufacturer who can supply the skylights and offer installation as well as post-installation support.


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