Don't Overlook These Details When Buying a New Furnace

Posted on: 1 August 2018

If you need a new furnace for your home, no doubt you're concerned about your budget and the cost of a new model's purchase and installation. However, there are many other details and features you should consider when buying a new furnace, beyond just the price tag. Keeping all these details in mind when shopping will ensure you end up with a furnace that works well for your heating needs, creating a comfortable environment in your home for many winters to come!

Speed of blower

Furnaces will have either a fixed-speed or variable-speed blower. A fixed-speed blower, as the name implies, doesn't allow you to control its speed. It simply blows at a certain rate every time the furnace switches on. A fixed-speed blower is very common in residential furnace, but it may not be the right choice for you; in some cases, the blower might push too much warm air into a room at once, making the space feel stuffy. In a draughty home, a fixed-speed blower may work too slowly for your comfort, so you still feel chilly even after the furnace switches on. 

Choosing a variable-speed blower, however, allows you to adjust the fan of the furnace according to your own comfort levels. This can be a good choice if your home's interior often feels either warm and stuffy or a bit draughty during winter months. Be able to turn the blower up or down as needed will then create as much airflow as you prefer, for a comfortable home environment. 


Don't overlook the warranty of a potential furnace purchase, as a good warranty can mean avoiding the expense of repairing your unit and paying for replacement parts in the years to come. A warranty can also tell you how long you can expect the furnace to last before it might need replacement! A manufacturer that offers a short warranty may not be willing to stand behind their work, whereas a company that offers a longer warranty may expect their product to last for many years.

Rebates and other incentives

When you compare prices between furnace models, don't forget to consider rebates from the manufacturer or seller. In some areas, you may also be eligible for tax credits if you purchase energy-efficient home appliances or certain models of furnaces. Whatever the case, don't forget to consider these types of incentives when comparing prices of various furnace models.


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