What to Do If There is a Crack in Your Foundation

Posted on: 26 September 2018

A crack in the foundation of your property can be easily repaired but it may also be a sign of a larger structural problem. If you find a crack in your foundation, here are the steps that you should take.

Check the exterior

First, check your exterior walls. Each wall should be straight. You can use a level to check each wall. If there is a protuberance in the foundation or a wall, either the foundation has altered or the surrounding environment has placed strenuous pressure on the walls.

Check the concrete

If your property is surrounded by a foundation and the concrete is chipped or flaked, you can test the concrete with a screwdriver. Touch the concrete with the screwdriver; if the concrete is affected, it may be weakening. This could be caused by an incorrect mixture when the concrete was created.

Check for posts and supports

There should be posts or supports for your foundation in your basement or crawl space. Posts should be upright and level. They should also be securely fixed to the supporting beams. The posts should be rigidly set in concrete. Check the wood with a screwdriver; if it is moist or deteriorating, rot may be present. If there is water around the posts, there may be an issue with your drainage system. Check that your gutters are empty and that soil is not set in the direction of the foundation. This is because water can flow from the soil into the foundation if not properly angled.

Types of foundation cracks

Cracks can occur naturally as concrete ages. However, some cracks are a sign of a serious issue. Hairline cracks are typically not a concern, and these can be sealed by a contractor. Cracks that appear at a connection in the foundation may be due to the concrete shrinking as it ages. These should be filled to prevent leaking water. If there are cracks that have the appearance of steps, there is likely an issue with the moisture levels surrounding the foundation. You should check your gutter and adjacent areas. If there is a horizontal crack, then you may need a new foundation built.

What to do if you experience any of these problems

Always consult a qualified contractor when you notice a problem with your foundation. They can inspect the property and direct you to the best course of action. They can make necessary foundation crack repairs and fix any major issues to keep you and your property safe.


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