3 Rainwater Problems Solved By Gutter Replacement

Posted on: 13 October 2018

Spring has arrived in Australia, and with it comes seasonal rain which can be quite heavy at times. After a long, dry winter, many homes are not prepared for the days of rainfall that spring brings. As someone who is fed up with watching the water overflow from your gutters, you know they need replacing, but you don't know what to replace them with. Here are three common rainwater flow problems which can be solved by choosing the right replacement gutter.

1. Gutters Blocked By Tree Debris

Over autumn and winter, plenty of tree debris falls into gutters which blocks the amount of water which can flow through them. Obviously, you could clean the gutter out on a regular basis to get rid of this debris, but the right gutter design can reduce the amount of cleaning maintenance you need to do. Have a look at a half-round gutter profile for a home which is surrounded by trees.

The half-round design has no angles in it, which means debris can't get easily caught up. Additionally, the gutter clamps for the half-round sit on the outside of the gutter, so there is a free-flowing path for water to move through. Half-round gutter pipes tend to remain cleaner than other options as the debris can flow through and wash away.

2. Clean Gutters Overflowing

If you have a gutter which overflows with water even when it is completely clean, then you do not have one which is rated for high capacity water movement. In tropical areas such as Queensland where large amounts of rain fall in a short period of time, you need to upgrade to a high water capacity gutter system. Don't use a box-shaped gutter for a home in this climate as there are too many angles which restrict the water flow. Choose a gutter which is rounded and seamless to move lots of water at once.

3. Water Backup

Another problem with an incorrect capacity gutter is that so much water gets trapped in the gutter that it backflows. This buildup of water can seep into your home and create quite a bit of damage. As well as upgrading to a high capacity gutter system, look for one which has an overflow mechanism if too much water builds up. For example, you can purchase a system which has an overflow slot built in that triggers when the gutter water reaches a certain height.

Talk to you local roofing contractor or home handyman about which gutter system works best for your house style. Get it installed now before the big summer storms arrive in town. For more information, contact a company like ACT Gutter Service.


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