4 Ways to Incorporate Glass in Your New Bathroom

Posted on: 4 January 2019

Planning for a beautiful bathroom is an essential part of organising a new home. One way to produce an attractive, sleek look in this important room is to creatively incorporate glass into the design. This can be done by several means.

Glass Shower Screens

By not blocking off a section of the bathroom from view, glass shower screens have the effect of extending the bathroom area. They allow the eye to roam to all corners. And being made of either toughened or laminated safety glass, these screens are sturdy and secure. Decorating treatments such as frosting or patterning can enhance the glass, providing privacy while allowing diffused light to flow through. Other options include different models, ranging from frameless designs that have little metal trimming to fully-framed versions.

Glass Shelving

Another way to integrate glass into the bathroom is via shelving, which can be affixed to the wall, either underneath a mirror or elsewhere, providing handy extra storage. You will need to choose its thickness and also the clamping hardware which you can match to tapware or vanity handles. Glass shelves produce a streamlined, modern look, and being transparent, and they don't block off wall space as a medicine cabinet does. This type of shelving is a more simple option than recessed shelving as they are relatively easy to fix with brackets.

Glass Top Vanity Unit

A glass vanity top is another possibility. Decorative options include frosting or back-painting, letting you coordinate the countertop with other bathroom elements. Back-painted glass is decorated on the underside only which prevents the colour scratching or wearing. Bear in mind that standard 'clear' glass displays a slight green tint, most apparent when viewed at the edges, due to its iron content. You might find this characteristic cast attractive, but it can affect the purity of the final hue if you are back-colouring the glass. To avoid this, you could select a low iron glass which is entirely clear. Shiny surfaces reflect light while matte ones absorb it so a polished glass vanity top will increase the spaciousness of the bathroom, and, importantly, it's easy to clean as well.


Mirrors provide an illusion of depth and space. While bathrooms, of course, always have mirrors, extra large or additional ones are perfect for expanding the roominess and lightness of the area. A wall-to-wall mirror above a vanity provides an attractive feature; otherwise, an expansive statement mirror can create a dramatic focal point.

Glass is a beautiful, sleek material that can be integrated into the design of a new bathroom in numerous creative ways. A custom home builder can provide particular advice about how it can be blended in with other design elements.


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