Four reasons to get a civil engineering degree in Australia

Posted on: 22 May 2019

A civil engineering degree in Australia can open up career paths in government, academia, the private sector and in high tech fields. Here are four reasons why a civil works degree is a great choice:

1. Engineers are in high demand in Australia

Australia, like the rest of the world, is on the brink of massive change when it comes to infrastructure. With oil and gas still a huge part of Australian industry and the switch to renewable energy, Australia needs those with expertise in civil works. There are many large and well-known Australian corporations that hire civil engineering graduates such as Lend Lease, GHD and VicRoads, meaning that it is a secure career path.

It's not just large construction projects, either; with high-tech inventions like 3D printing becoming more mainstream, engineers are more in demand than ever before. A civil engineering degree is one of the safest study choices.

2. Start work straight out of uni with high-paying entry-level jobs

In both the Australian private and public sector, there is a growing need for those with civil works degrees, with even entry-level positions paying well. Examples of entry-level engineering jobs for recent graduates include: draftsperson, technical officer, surveyor and graduate project engineer.

Some university degrees even offer the chance to work on real world products during the final years of your degree. These degrees can offer a path where graduates can secure a job before they even graduate.

Entry-level jobs soon give way to mid-level jobs, and once a graduate has been out in the field for a few years, their degree can lead to many exciting jobs within the civil works and engineering sectors.

3. Exciting and unconventional career paths

A civil engineering degree can open up a lot of doors and career pathways that you may not have thought of. The more obvious engineering jobs in Australia are those in power supply and town and farming infrastructure. However, even with a civil works speciality, engineering degrees can be used in many different ways.

You may not be aware of some of the less conventional jobs that a civil works degree could lead to, such as a theme park engineer, formula one race car engineer or a nano-tech engineer. This makes any sort of engineering degree a flexible choice that can keep your options open down the line.

4. An opportunity to be a part of the future of Australia

By studying civil engineering you will learn all about the future of civil works, technology and construction in the country, and have a chance to influence the future of Australian construction and infrastructure.

You can also use your degree in a more academic sense. By going into research you may have the opportunity to influence government policy with your expertise. You may even go on to teach the next generation of civil engineers in this country in a university position.

Australia's best universities offer degrees in civil works and engineering. With flexible study options at world-class universities, a degree in civil engineering can put you on the path of a rewarding career to help the future of Australia.


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