Why A Structural Engineer Is So Vital To Your Construction Project

Posted on: 19 June 2019

Getting any construction project off the ground can be an immense undertaking from the copious amounts of time spent planning that lead right into the long hours during construction. The reason planning takes so long when designing a modern building is that safety and security are absolutely paramount in first-world countries such as Australia. Quite a few people see all the people involved in this process as nothing more than bureaucratic red tape, but in fact, they are all extremely vital to the success of any construction. Perhaps the best example of all is that of the structural engineer. The structural engineer might seem irrelevant to the project, but they actually ensure the safety of everyone who will ever use your new construction.

What Is A Structural Engineer?

A structural engineer is a specialised form of engineer that deals primarily with construction projects, ranging from large-scale urban redevelopments all the way to everyday home renovations. A structural engineer's job is to ensure the blueprints for the planned building make sense in a very physical way. In other words, a structural engineer closely examines the proposed materials, structure, layout and all other factors and then determine whether or not the building will be stable once it is completed.

How Are Structural Engineers Different To Architects? 

While there is no doubt that architects have a great grasp on what materials are strong in which area of a building, their primary focus is designing a space for your specifications. While safety features in their planning, it will not and cannot be their main concern as they are simply employed to fill a need for a new construction project. In stark contrast, a structural engineer's main role is ensuring designs are rock solid and more than just theoretical ideas on a page. It is helpful to think of an architect as a painter of some great Roman art deco and a structural engineer as someone who has to ensure the painting doesn't crack or fall once it is put in place. 

How Do I Know If I Need A Structural Engineer?

No two projects are ever identical, and there are few general rules that apply across all of them. However, there is one rule that always should rank number one: safety comes first. A structural engineer gives you and your clients or family the guarantee of a safe property. While some might see this as an extravagant waste of money, just think about how many moving parts are involved when making a house and how easy it is to get calculations or estimates wrong. A structural engineer ensures your safety throughout planning and construction for decades to come.


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