How to choose a carport that will suit your needs in the long-term

Posted on: 30 August 2019

Your car is a significant investment and it is important that you take proper care of it when it isn't in use. Leaving it parked on the street exposes it to extremes of weather such as strong winds and excess sun as well as potential damage from other vehicles and pedestrians. To keep your car safe it is a good idea to construct a carport, but that raises the question of exactly what your new carport should look like.

There are many possible designs available and your chosen carport builders will be able to take you through the options and help you choose the one that is right for you. Here are three things that you need to consider when choosing a new carport.

How many vehicles do you own?

Carports come in different sizes as well as different designs. When planning your carport you will need to think about the number of vehicles you need to accommodate as well as the size of those vehicles. A standard carport may fit a normal family car and perhaps a small truck but if you have several vehicles or maybe a large truck or farm machinery then you must talk to your carport builders about constructing a larger carport.

What is your environment like?

Any carport you build must be suitable for your environment. It will have to fit into your locality without looking out of place but it must also be fit for purpose. Choose carport builders who are familiar with your local environment and will be able to offer you a design that is capable of withstanding the worst of the Australian climate. Consider whether your new carport will be regularly faced with hail, snow, or wind and choose a design that will resist whatever the climate can produce.

Do you need to plan for growth?

Building a carport isn't something you want to do very often. Once the carport is finished you should expect it to last for many years so it's important that anything your carport builders produce will suit your needs for the foreseeable future. Before selecting your preferred carport design consider whether it is going to be large enough if you need to buy an extra car in the future or if the size of your truck needs to change to accommodate new business needs. Maybe you have children living at home who will be buying their own vehicle in a few years? Whatever your situation, make sure your carport remains suitable for use.


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