How to clean your glass splash back

Posted on: 10 October 2019

You can use glass splashbacks in your home or office, in your shower, kitchen, bathroom, laundry or as countertops. They are a stylish and contemporary alternative to standard tiles because they are more practical and easier to clean. Glass splashbacks are reflective and create an ambience of light, space and depth. To continue enjoying such benefits, you have to clean your glass splashbacks regularly.

Use proper cleaning materials

The type of cleaning material depends on the splashback material. Some of the materials you could use include glass cleaners, multi-purpose, general cleaners or specialist steel cleaners. You may use water together with a solution of your dishwashing detergent. Refrain from using harsh or abrasive products since they leave permanent damage on your finish.

Your glass splashbacks will receive all kinds of dirt and glass cleaners alone may not be effective. For example, if they have grease stains, then you could use oven cleaners to cut the grease. However, for simple daily cleaning, dish soaps will be sufficient.

Use the correct cleaning cloth

Most glass splashbacks are susceptible to abrasive cleaning materials such as plastic or metal scourer. It could be prudent to utilize paper towels or lint-free cloths for cleaning spills and marks. Dry your splashback using a disparate dry and clean cloth to get the streak-free finish. The ideal fabric to use is the microfiber cloth since it will not damage your splashback.

Clean splashes and spills immediately they occur

Getting rid of dirt when it is still fresh is hygienic and easier than cleaning an entire surface. Although most splashbacks are resistant to stains, you should clean as well as remove splashes and stains immediately they occur. Making this a habit will reduce staining on your splashback material.

Buffing it

After cleaning your glass splashback, you should buff it to reduce streaks. This process will involve wiping the glass surface, for the second time, using a lint-free material.

Do it on a cloudy day

Any cleaning solution will leave streaks on a sunny day. These streaks happen because heat makes all liquids to dry before you start wiping off. To get a streak-free surface, ensure you do the cleaning on a cloudy day.

Wrapping it up

Use the above tips to get the streak-free sheen on your glass splashbacks. Although your splashbacks may not look dirty, it is essential to clean them routinely. When glass splashbacks are clean, they are both aesthetically pleasing and hygienic.

For more information on glass splash backs, contact a glass company.


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