Scaffolding Hire Tips

Posted on: 7 June 2021

Scaffolds are essential equipment in any construction site where employees work at heights. Scaffold hire is often the most ideal and cost-friendly option for contractors who need the equipment for short term projects. The information below offers some scaffold hire tips. 

1. Always Inspect Your Site

A mistake made by some contractors is blindly hiring the scaffolding. Once the equipment arrives at the site, they realise that it will not get the work done. It would therefore be prudent to assess your site to determine the following: 

  • Do the ground conditions allow scaffold installation? You do not need to worry about unstable grounds. If this is your case, consider a cantilever scaffold that can be pinned on the wall as opposed to the ground.
  • How many people will work on the scaffolding at a time? You will need steel scaffolding if the equipment will bear massive loads.
  • What dimensions of scaffolding do you require? Ideally, the equipment should go around the building. When hiring smaller equipment such as a trestle or hanging scaffolds, assess the platform's width to ensure your employees can work comfortably. 

2. Work With Reputable Scaffold Hire Companies

Seek referrals from fellow contractors or conduct an extensive internet search to determine which companies offer quality companies. Typically, you would be interested in the company's terms and pricing. For example, will they transport and install the scaffold? Is the equipment insured? Does the company allow clients to extend the hire period? Does the company charge when the equipment is idle? Does the company have friendly staff? The answers to these questions will help you decide which companies you should consider.  

3. Inspect The Scaffold Before Hire

The scaffold the company provides will have been used by other customers. Therefore, it would be wise to inspect it before hiring. Some of your concerns should include whether the poles have cracks and bends that could affect the scaffold's structural integrity. In addition, ask if the scaffold has safety features such as ladders and rails. Likewise, does the scaffolding have the recommended outriggers, bracing and sills? An inspection report can give insights into the safety of the scaffolding. 

Tip 4: Prioritise On Safety When Using The Scaffold

Although scaffolds have an easy working mechanism, an accident at the site could lead to untold destruction. Therefore, you should encourage safe scaffold use at the site. For instance, you should have a licenced and qualified professional to inspect the equipment for defects. Besides, the platforms should be cleaned after every shift. 

When hiring a scaffolding, inspect your site, work with reputable companies, inspect the scaffold before hire and prioritise safety when using the equipment. For more information, contact a scaffolding hire service. 


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