Additional Storey Home Extension Ideas to Help You Reclaim Your Home

Posted on: 25 August 2021

When purchasing your residential property, it probably met all the immediate needs that you had. Nonetheless, once you have kids and the years go by, you could start finding that your dream home is no longer sufficient for your entire household. At this juncture, you will probably start deliberating on moving into a more spacious house than your current home but this is not the only solution available.

If you are comfortable in your neighbourhood and are happy with the amenities available to you, you may want to consider adding a storey to your home instead. If you are looking for some inspiration, check out the following additional storey home extension ideas that will help you reclaim your home.

An additional storey for you and your spouse

If you are tired of having to wait for your kids to be done with using the bathroom or simply want solace away from them for you and your partner, you should consider embarking on a home extension project to create a storey just for you and your spouse. Having an entire storey to yourselves allows you to flexible with the layout of this floor. For instance, rather than having a small master bathroom that is always cluttered, you can create an entire home spa by designating sufficient space for this room.

Additionally, instead of sharing a closet, you can have one room that functions as a dedicated walk-in closet, which will be sufficient for all your apparel. With the right construction contractors, you can also have a home office, which is especially functional if one or both of you work from home. Overall, discuss with your contractors what your priorities are for this floor and they can design it to meet both your needs.

An additional storey for your children

If you and your spouse are fine with the current layout of your master bedroom but happen to be frustrated by the loud music and general noise that comes from teenage children, you may want to devote your second storey home extension project to create a floor for your kids. This project will be especially beneficial if your teenagers share a room. For starters, rather than having this bedroom constantly littered with dirty clothes, a storey extension gives you the chance to allocate separate yet spacious closets to the kids.

 Another problem that arises with teenagers on the same floor as you is boisterous chatter filtering from their room. To address this, you can provide your kids with privacy by constructing a second storey for them. Moreover, when you opt for soundproofing building supplies, the peace in your home will never be disrupted by noisy teens. Reach out to a professional for more information about home extensions


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