What Are the Benefits of Matte Concrete Polishing?

Posted on: 21 July 2022

If you want to install polished concrete floors in your home, then you can go for a regular glossy finish or you can choose a matte one. While some people like a high-gloss polish, there are times when a matte effect works better. What are the advantages of matte concrete polishing?

Get a More Subtle Look 

A glossy polish makes a concrete floor really stand out. The floor has a high level of shine. However, this level of sheen won't work in all homes and it doesn't suit all homeowners.

A glossy concrete floor can create too much glare and light in a room. Some people don't like this effect because they feel it makes the floor stand out too much. It can also create a cold look and feel.

If you have a matte polish when you put down your concrete, then you get a more subtle effect. The floor won't look dull; it will still have an attractive sheen. However, it won't have a high gloss and it won't create too much glare in a room.

A matte finish also makes concrete look more like natural stone. It enhances the surface without making it look artificial. This kind of finish blends in more effectively.

Get Better Traction

You might find that a high-gloss concrete polish makes some floors harder to walk on safely. For example, polished floors can be slippery, especially in areas or rooms that might get wet such as kitchens or bathrooms.

This can be a particular problem if you have young children at home. If they run around a lot, then they could slip and fall on a highly-polished surface.

If you use matte polishing on your floors, then your surfaces become safer. Matte polishing doesn't make concrete too slippery, so this effect suits any room in the home. All your floors will have better traction.

Hide Imperfections

You might need to spend more time cleaning and maintaining a highly-glossed concrete floor. The shine you get on these floors can be unforgiving. Dust and dirt are immediately obvious. Minor imperfections will stand out.

This might not be a problem for you if you don't mind spending more time cleaning the surface. This could be a worthwhile trade-off if gloss is the look you really want.

However, if you want an easier maintenance solution, then a matte polish is the answer. This finish hides dust and dirt more effectively. Minor imperfections are also less noticeable. You still get some shine, but you can also be more relaxed about cleaning.

To find out more about matte finishes and their benefits, contact concrete polishing specialists.


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