Non-Destructive Digging And Its Benefits

Posted on: 12 October 2022

Excavation is at the core of most projects in construction and other industries and projects. Foundation digging, underground installations including utility installations, pipework installations, telecommunication installations, etc., utility locating, roadside maintenance and exploratory excavations, among others, are some of the many applications relying on excavations. Like all applications, excavations must be done properly for the best results. That's why excavation methods have evolved over the years. Take non-destructive digging for instance. Also referred to as non-invasive digging, vacuum excavation, hydro-excavation, or potholing, this excavation technique relies on vacuum technology to remove inorganic and organic materials from the ground through small holes. It comes with many benefits and here are some of the top reasons to consider it for your next project.

It Is Safer

Safety is critical during excavation. And compared to conventional methods, non-destructive digging is generally a safer alternative. First, its non-invasive nature reduces the risks to the surrounding areas. In addition, the method uses water as a loosening agent. Since excavation can be dusty, especially in arid or dry regions, the water will come in handy to suppress the dust produced in the process, an added health and safety advantage, particularly if you are working in a residential area.

This digging technique is also safe when installing or repairing underground services like water pipes, gas mains and sewer pipes. Traditional digging or excavation can easily damage these services, putting the workers and the property at risk. However, with non-destructive digging, workers can work safely around the cables, pipes, lines, etc. Moreover, accident risks are significantly lower than conventional mechanical digging or excavation solutions.

It Is Cost Effective

Excavation can be expensive depending on the scope of your project. But you can save a significant amount of money by choosing non-destructive digging. First, the process is less labour intensive than conventional excavation methods, so you can be assured of lower labour costs. In addition, it's faster with lower risks of damaging the underground utilities. That means you can worry less about repair and liability costs for damaging the utilities.

It Is Faster

Speed is usually crucial for many projects. That's because project delays can be costly and will often interfere with your schedule and plans. Generally, non-destructive digging is faster than traditional excavation techniques. It allows for precise excavations that make the process less labour-intensive and quicker. An assessment of the underground utilities is typically done prior to the excavation to allow for accurate and quick digging.  

For more information about non-destructive digging, contact a local company. 


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