Commercial Space Security: Should You Choose Restricted Key Systems?

Posted on: 27 November 2017

Commercial buildings are vulnerable to damage by vandals, burglars and robbers. Also, these spaces can be infiltrated by disgruntled ex-employees or other dissatisfied individuals. If such unscrupulous people compromise your business premise, you might experience irreparable losses. In most cases, the intruders do not mechanically break the door or windows for access. Instead, they obtain copies of your keys for illegal entry.

As a business owner, it is essential to protect your space from such incidents by utilising restricted key systems. Restricted key systems are unique keys which cannot be duplicated without authorisation from the owner. They provide the highest level of security, and they can protect your commercial building against losses. Here are the primary reasons you should consider installing restricted key systems.

Protected Design

Standard keys are problematic because the units can be stolen or lost, and the holder of the missing keys will make some copies. In some cases, employees will make illegal duplicates of the keys for convenience or malicious purposes. The restricted key system helps in eliminating the problems which arise from random copies of the keys. In simple terms, the security key blanks for the limited keys are patent-protected, and the design is registered for accountability. Once you purchase your product, the manufacturer cannot make the same item. Also, locksmiths will not create copies of restricted keys, unless they are authorised dealers with access to the blanks.

Accurate Records

Restricted keys are beneficial because the details of the products will be recorded. In general, when this product is manufactured, the manufacturer will record the number of keys produced. This practice promotes accountability and ensures long-term security. You can distribute the keys to the essential members of your operation if you wish, and you will be guaranteed that no copies will be made without authorisation. If you do require a duplicate, you can only obtain these through a commercial locksmith with the security blanks. The locksmith is also obligated to keep records of the restricted key copies.

Increased Access Control

Restricted keys provide better access control in comparison to standard keys. This aspect of commercial security is critical especially when you have sensitive spaces such as data centres. Simply speaking, when you obtain your restricted keys, you can provide them to trusted associates. Alternatively, you can retain all the keys and instead establish a reliable multi-level master key system. This security design ensures that you will have overall control over access to specific areas, minimising the incidents of illegal space access. 


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