The Importance of Property Land Surveying – When to Get it Done

Posted on: 5 December 2023

Investing in a property is a huge decision and requires a significant amount of money. To ensure that your investment is worth it, you need to gather all the necessary information about the property, such as the boundaries, structures, easements and other legal restrictions. The only way to do this is by getting a land survey done. Here is a look into the importance of property land surveying and when you should get it done.

The Importance of Property Land Surveying

A land survey provides a detailed report on the property's features, which are otherwise difficult to identify. It helps you discover any encroachments, overlapping property lines and legal right-of-way access. Here are some reasons why a property land survey is critical:

Avoid legal disputes: By having a land survey done, you can avoid potential legal disputes that may arise due to boundary or access issues. You can use the survey report to define your property lines clearly and prevent any encroachments from your neighbours.

Verify property boundaries: If you are buying a property, a land survey verifies the property boundaries, confirming the land and structures that come with it. You can also use this report to help resolve any discrepancies in property lines.

Save money: A land survey helps you avoid future expenses that may arise due to mistakes caused by overlooked boundaries or the existence of easement structures, etc.

When To Get A Property Land Surveying Done

Several instances call for a property land survey. Here’s a rundown of these circumstances:

Transfer of Property Ownership: One of the most common reasons for land surveying is property ownership transfer. The survey helps you receive an accurate legal description of the property you are buying.

Before Erecting Structures: If you’re going to build a fence, a new structure or anything that requires you to dig below the ground, it’s necessary to get a survey done. The result will give you important details about the boundary, easements and more, allowing you to avoid any legal issues.

Government Regulations: Some municipalities require a land survey to approve construction projects for zoning or building permits.

Disputed Property Lines: If there is an ongoing dispute about a property line with a neighbour or third party, it’s important to secure a land survey as the legal document that will settle the legalities of the dispute in the most precise manner possible.

Investing in a land survey before buying or developing any property is essential. The property line, easements, structures and other legal restrictions are so critical that they may affect the property’s value now and in the future. It’s best to invest upfront in a land survey rather than spend more on dispute resolution or unexpected expenses down the road. If you're planning to transfer property ownership, erect a structure or require a government permit, make a land survey your top priority. Remember, a land survey is a legal document, so it's essential to work with a professional land surveyor.

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