Top Tips When Hiring A Demolition Contractor

Posted on: 26 April 2021

Home demolition is essential when you need to renovate your current premises or put up a new and improved home where the current structure stands. This excerpt analyses the considerations homeowners should make when hiring home demolition services

Ability To Secure A Demolition Permit

In Australia, demolition services must apply for a permit before commencing demolition works on your premises. You risk prosecution and serious fines if you decide to demolish a structure without this licence. SafeWork Australia has strict eligibility criteria for contractors seeking demolition permits. For instance, they should not have been convicted for disregarding SafeWork guidelines or issued a false statement regarding a SafeWork licence. Contractors who have had their demolition licence or asbestos removal permit revoked or suspended cannot apply for another demolition permit. Additionally, your contractor should have adequate workers compensation insurance coverage. 

Ability To Ensure Safety At The Site

Below are some safety measures that the contractor should observe at the site: 

  • The contractor should inspect the site to determine the required demolition equipment and the site hazards.
  • The proposed demolition method should bring down the structure sequentially to prevent demotion debris from damaging nearby buildings or injuring people.
  • The site should be barricaded to prevent unauthorised personnel and vehicles from accessing the site.
  • The contractor should create a site safety protocol. For instance, site personnel should have protective gear. Additionally, they should be well aware of plant equipment blindspots. All equipment at the site should be in perfect mechanical condition. 

Waste Management Techniques

Imagine a situation where the contractor demolished the building and left the demolition debris at the site. It would take you ages to clear this debris. Therefore, ask how the contractor will dispose of the waste. Experienced contractors will remove any recyclable materials before demolishing the house. They could be house fixtures, gypsum, wood and appliances. These materials can be sold off to people undertaking home improvement works. After demolition works, metals are shipped to recycling plants, while concrete is crushed and used as aggregate. 

Terms And Conditions

The contractor should draft a demolition plan detailing how long it will take to demolish the building and clear the site. Remember, you would want to commence construction works in the shortest possible time. Assess the contractor's pricing by comparing it with quotes from other contractors. Ask for discounts and negotiate the repayment strategy. 

When hiring a demolition contractor, assess their ability to secure a demolition permit, their safety protocol, waste management techniques, terms and conditions. 


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